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Srbijaautoput D.O.O.

To obtain the traffic flow and safety on the highway upright provides the company Srbijaautoput doo to a complete range of services with regard to the summer and winter service. We service for a motorway network of over nearly 340 km. Mowing, soil and Asfaltarbeiten are just a few of these benefits come under the preservation of value of freeway substance to perform and contribute to your safety as a road user.
About 5 motorway maintenance and 6 auxiliary points (which are activated as part of the winter service) we have in the immediate vicinity of the motorway available to be fast gewabnet to the daily demands and challenges on the highway.
In addition, we also offer services in the new building and the renovation of Asfaltwegen in space Serbia.
1982, the company was founded Srbijaautoput as public enterprises. With the 100 percent privatization in April of 2006, significant investments have been concerned about the company regarding fleet, equipment and know-how to bring the state of the art not only in the highway entertainment segment

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